Conquer new users with STAIL.EU Accounts

With STAIL.EU Accounts you can access the users of other websites, you don't have the need to do any administrative work nor security tests to store user's information, we do everything for you and for free!

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Every personal data is secure with us, everything is encrypted using AES-256

Single Sign-On

Let the users have one account to login-in into your website and others!


STAIL.EU Accounts is 100% free to use for developers and users

Developer centric

STAIL.EU Accounts is made by developers for developers

Privacy By Design

STAIL.EU Accounts has been created with one goal: ensure the privacy of the users

Easy to embed

STAIL.EU Accounts is easy to embed, just run a little composer install and you are done!

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Read now STAIL.EU Accounts' beautiful documentation

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